A stunning new artwork that draws you in, painted in deep forest green that blends into a mist. Highlights of gold reflect light back into the room like water drops on forest leaves. Heavy mist sitting low amongst dense forest  was my inspiration. The name Medusa came from the deep green shade I was able to saturate without the need for black ink. 
This piece was painted with new inks and techniques, allowing me to discover different ways to play with light and depth perception.
A perfect glass finish with high shine give this artwork a professional finish. 
Edges are painted to match the artwork, with an ombré effect that blends towards the light. 
Signed by artist on the side of the panel so as not to disrupt or draw the eye away from the artwork. 
Ready to hang cradled art panel. 
25 x 25cm

Medusa’s Forest Resin Original

SKU: 521