These custom frames are a unique, hand painted gift to remember a special moment in time.

Fill me in on the details of your occasion and I can pinpoint the night sky as it was above you during that moment in time.

I map the constellations specific to your date, paint an inky sky with stars and mount it onto wood. It's added to a deep set white frame with wording of your choice.

The wording should be three lines or less, with details like names, time and date of event and location.


IMPORTANT: In order to map your stars correctly I need the address and the date of your chosen moment in time. I then need to know the exact wording you would like added to your frame ( you will add these details in the custom text field)


Some ideas include:

New home, with details like the date you moved in and the address.

New baby, with time of birth and weight. 

Wedding, add the couples new name "Mr and Mrs ..." plus the date and wedding venue.

Christenings, baby name together with venue and date.

Sky At Night Frame

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