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So far during my art career I have been given the opportunity to work in collaboration with some amazing brands Including and Frisk Art Materials. 

Each feature has been a highlight during my time as an artist so far!

John Lewis

John Lewis Southampton.  

From December 6th - 12th & again in March 2022 I was so proud to have my work showcased in John Lewis. A mix of fabric, prints and original artwork was available and I was able to meet and chat to so many lovely people!


Jacksons Art Blog

March 2021

In March I was featured on the Jacksons Art blog which has 95k monthly readership!I was alongside 3 other brilliant Ink artists and we were given the opportunity to  test out the brand new Jacksons alcohol inks and give our first thoughts and impressions on them.


Monsoon International Women's Day

I was honored to be a part of Monsoon's 2021 International Women's Day blog post alongside two other fabulous women.


Emily McSevich X Frisk Art 

I created a limited edition run cover for Frisk Yupo Boards featuring my artwork. 

I was then able to host giveaways to win a pack of my limited edition boards.


Orelia Jewellery Q&A

An Instagram guide Q&A focus with Orelia Jewellery.

Monsoon Artist Inspiration Blog

Monsoon artist inspiration spotlight blog post.


Nara Paper Judge

Judge for the Nara Paper Artist Of The Month competition- November 2020.

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