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An original artwork created to envelop you in the intrigue of the coast.

Stood upon a clifftop, looking down as the waves crash into the rocks below. Somehow both calming and wild all at once.

I wanted to capture that clash of calm vs wild in the use of textures and colour.

Matte textured rocks against the glass shine of the water creates real depth and interest in this artwork that works to draw you closer.

The layers of white seafoam have an amazing amount of detail to get lost in. Whilst the details in the rocks bring a grounding element to the artwork

The magic of this artwork is that it will change in colour as you simply pass by it, or as the days light changes through morning to night.

Original artwork signed and wax sealed on reverse by artist.

Cradled wooden art panel, ready to hang. Measures 31cm diameter

Ethereal Clifftop Resin Original

SKU: 633388
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