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Currently closed for Bespoke Commissions.

Bespoke Artwork

Bespoke artwork, also known as a commission is a great way to put your individual style into a piece of unique artwork made specifically for your home.

So let's talk about how it works...


Whether you have seen a piece of my artwork you'd like recreated or just have a colour scheme in mind, we can get creative together until we land on the right idea for your home.

You'll be part of the process alongside me, making the artwork all the more special.


Once we have our ideas locked down your artwork will come to life in my studio which I often document on my Instagram story. This can be really fun to follow along with as it develops! 

The process for bespoke artwork can take upwards of 8 weeks depending on the size.


Once your artwork is complete I can send you photos or you can choose to have the surprise of seeing it for the first time in person when it arrives in your home.

And there we have it, a piece of original artwork designed just for your home!

Let's start creating...

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